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Hey, I haven't seen you around here before. Who are you?
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who do i arrest im which levels?

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i need to know to get trophey


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    Hi Firebolt,

    All the arrests actually take place in Whole Hog Mode. In the "con artist" series of events, you can cause the arrest of:

    • Two animals working together (two arrests)

    In the Jumbo series of events, trigger the arrest of:

    • One innocent animal (one arrest)
    • One guilty animal on two separate occasions (two arrests)

    Making a wrong choice during the events can allow the criminals to escape and prevent later events from occurring. Please let me know if you need any further hints.

  • Actually, here's one further hint: When PC Gruff is in a hurry, he'll tend to run off before you have a chance to speak to him, but he can be stopped if you choose the right option.
  • who is the guiltyy person b/c i have everything else
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    just out of cerousity,did you invent the game?
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    The guilty person is Jumbo, the master criminal. I'll send you an e-mail with some details.

    About inventing the game: With some help, yes. I did the design, programming and most of the writing.
  • dude. that is amazing!!!how old are you? don't need to anwser if you don't want to.still cool.
  • Thanks :). 30
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