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new ideas

edited March 2013 in Jungle Juice
new ideas for sequal


  • I don't know about another lemonade stand game, unless the authors feel like they have another one in them. But I feel like Arnold could have another adventure. Maybe something like The Oregon Trail, except he's on a trek through the jungle, maybe hunting for treasure or something. And he would have to manage his food and water and select paths, and little story bits would pop up now and then.
  • Ya that would be cool
  • To find the lost city of pigolis ;) food could be pineapples and mangos. And jumbo shows up again! (Evil lauh)  :)) :))
  • Maybe a different animal with a different story but the same setting. Maybe The penguin nuns
  • are selling ice cream for the orpans. Orthepolarbearscould.
  • There could be basic flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry. Expensive flavors could be Mint, Blueburry, Orange, and Cookis and cream . 
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