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Favourite Events *Spoilers*

edited January 2013 in Jungle Juice
Been playing the game for a while, and love the humorous events. Particularly the ones with Dudley.

Any events you've gotten which were particularly interesting? Please post them here - that way, we can try to help each other work out how to get interesting events.

Please beware of story spoilers, reading this thread.

Would like to mention the Alien Invasion event, and ask if anyone has seen it yet?


  • The psychic kept surprising me. It was NOT my favorite but still very clever! I thought psychics were supposed to be nice people!!!
    My favorite is when I find money on the ground ;-)
  • i've seen the aliens. they'll kill you.
    joking.i love paul
  • Oh yeah, Paul :D! That was hilarious.

    Whoa, turns out you can go for walks in certain modes. You have to close your stall when it's not raining (unless you have a certain trophy). Going to try it out and see what events I've been missing...
  • you were missing a lot.
  • My personal favorite was the snake in the box. I groaned. :)
  • i have seen an alian and they try to get juice 4 free. dont let them!
  • When jumbo the mouse gets bombarded with pineapples! :D
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