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Jungle Juice Gameplay Tips - Improve your score with these hints & tips

edited February 2013 in Jungle Juice
Gameplay tips for Jungle Juice on the Kindle will be added here. Feel free to add your own discoveries in this thread, also.

Loading Screen Tips:

  1. In Porker and Whole Hog modes, fruit goes bad after seven days. Try not to overstock.
  2. Pineapple patches and mango trees are most cost-effective if planted early in the game.
  3. If all your customers love your price, it's probably not high enough.
  4. If you're feeling generous, try giving away free juice for a reputation boost.
  5. Use upgrades like Bulk Buying or Smaller Glasses to increase your profit margin.
  6. On touch-screen Kindles, some menu shortcuts can be used by 'swiping' up, down, left, or right (as seen in the trailer).

Basic Gameplay Tips:

  1. The in-game tutorial contains a lot of useful information about the way the game works, so it's helpful to pay attention to it. During gameplay, select "Review Jungle Juice Tutorials" to replay all the tutorial messages for the current game mode.
  2. As explained in the tutorial, customers will be willing to pay higher prices on hotter days. Remembering the best price to charge at different temperatures will help you make the most of each day's sales - it may be useful to take notes. Keep in mind that certain events or upgrades may have an effect on the ideal drink price.
  3. The base number of passers-by each day is determined by the weather type (e.g. Sunny or Rainy) and your current Reputation. Potential customers on a Cloudy day will usually be similar in number to those seen on previous Cloudy days, for example, but a bit higher if you've been gaining Reputation. Extra people will be out and about on weekends, however, and some special events may also greatly affect the number of available customers.
  4. Remember to pay attention to the television news each morning. It will frequently forewarn you of special events or unusual conditions for the day. Taking proper advantage of special circumstances can sometimes lead to massive profits!
  5. In Whole Hog Mode, experiment with your mix of pineapples and mangoes until you find some good recipes. You may not be able to afford a deluxe recipe at first, but you can still find a good, cheaper recipe that your customers will like. Once you have some appropriate upgrades, try a richer recipe for extra Reputation Points!
  6. In Whole Hog Mode, try to get used to the amount of ice customers like in different temperatures. Neither the weather type nor the fruit mixture affects the ideal amount of ice -- only the day's temperature matters (with the possible exception of one special event). You should reconsider the amount of ice to use every time the temperature changes - usually every day.

Advanced Gameplay Tips:

  1. For the highest scores, try to increase your reputation as much as possible early in the game. Advertising both increases customers for the day and gives a permanent reputation boost, so it can be useful to invest heavily in advertising when you can afford it. Keep in mind, however, that upgrades which allow you to make more money will, in turn, allow you to spend more on advertising.
  2. One of the Loading Screen tips refers to a trick that, used correctly, can make a big difference to your reputation near the start of the game.
  3. Upgrades that save you money or increase your profits are usually the best investment, as they help you to buy more upgrades.
  4. Try to buy in bulk when you can afford it, but don't stock up on so much fruit that you're unable to use it all before it spoils. Cups never spoil, but ice melts at the end of each day, so don't buy more ice than you can use immediately.
  5. Better yet, buy in bulk while the item is on special when possible!
  6. Special Events are extremely important for achieving high scores. Try to learn the effects of the various events and use them to your advantage (for example, some events may greatly increase the number of customers for the day, or make customers willing to pay higher prices). Also try different options during interactive events until you find the most profitable outcomes.
  7. Towards the end of the game, turn your focus to profits and reap the benefits of your high reputation.
  8. The more trophy abilities you unlock, the easier it will become to achieve high scores.


  • Sell your medal for cash immediately and buy it back later.  (This requires spending enough not to be able to make your first day's rent.)
  • As early in the game as possible (in Porker Mode and beyond), take the day off on a rainy day and go Up River. There, at the bank, deposit as much money as you can afford into your savings account. The 4% interest rate per day can turn much money as you can afford into the bank. Due to the magic of compound interest, you'll greatly increase it's future value.
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