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what is the best recipe?

edited March 2013 in Jungle Juice
Ive tried a lot of different recipes but which one is the best???


  • Accepted Answer
    the best is 4pinaples and 3mangoes and ice depends on day.
  • Thanks firebolt Ill try that out! :-)
  • edited March 2013
    There's actually a slightly stronger recipe as well (when used, the report comment will be "Everyone loved your luxury juice recipe! But can you afford the costs?"), but it's very costly to use. You'll usually want to start with a cheap recipe at the start of the game (see tips). Firebolt's recipe is likely the best balance between price and taste.
  • I've had a lot of success with 3 pineapples and 2 mangos (weak recipe). Then, when I upgrade to "Fancy Cups," I'll use my luxury recipe: 5 pineapples and 3 mangoes.
  • As far as ice goes, I've found that it should be used as follows:

    Temp ≤ 32°F: 0 scoops of ice
    32°F ≤ Temp < 50°F: 1 scoops of ice
    50°F ≤ Temp < 75°F: 2 scoops of ice
    75°F ≤ Temp < 90°F: 3 scoops of ice
    90°F ≤ Temp < 100°F: 4 scoops of ice
    100°F ≤ Temp < 110°F: 5 scoops of ice
    Temp ≥ 110°F: 6 scoops of ice
  • Hey arent pineapples sweeter than mangos? mangos you add for sweener but arnt pineapples more sweet? 
  • That's some nice work, ckdoiron! And I really like your avatar!

    agentx: Many types of mangoes are extremely sweet, and even sweeter than pineapples, but you're right that pineapples are very sweet already.
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