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Tounge Tiwster Time; Whole Hog Mode Help

Okay. Ive gotten capitalist pig on piglit mode with $650. Ive also gotten capitalsit pig on porker modd. with $2000+ for the last few days. My problem, though, is that my highscore on whole hog is $1500 :((. The thing that makes this so hard is thr fact that the customers are highly sensitive to your recipe. On the day when the arctic tour group visits, I couldnt afford the ice need, so opening on that day only made me lose rep., so instead, I closed on that day, knowing that woul lessep the rep that I would lose. One day the juice will be to sweet, and the next it wont be sweet enough. Any tips for my situation? In other news, ive been going for the Spendthrift trophy for a while now, and there re still ome upgrades in the tree i can tell havent found. Could you post a pic. of the upgrade tree?


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    If you haven't already, check these tips (including MsVicki's suggestion), the trophy tips, and ckdoiron's recipe suggestions. Having most of the trophy bonuses will give you a head start.

    For Spendthrift you should just need to buy every available upgrade in Whole Hog Mode (so there are none left to buy). Make sure you're not missing something on the second page. It's possible that you might also need to finance Roald Egret's polar expedition, but I don't think so.

    Getting Capitalist Pig ranking in Whole Hod mode is definitely difficult, especially since there are a lot of things to think of at once and it's easy to make mistakes. Apart from generally playing well, the most important things are to:

    1. Get hold of useful upgrades as soon as possible. Many upgrades are more useful the earlier you manage to buy them. For example, if you buy mango trees near the end of the game, you'll hardly get any mangoes out of it. Selling your medal early in the game should help you get started faster, but it also means that you'll need to be extra careful to keep back enough money to pay for ingredients.

    2. Take maximum advantage of things like droughts and special events. For example, on snowy days people won't pay a lot for juice but there are a ton of customers outside playing in the snow. Polar bears are extremely thirsty in the jungle and will pay a lot for juice. The right paths in some of the story events can get you extra money or big reputation boosts.

    3. Build as much reputation as possible so you have a huge number of customers later in the game. Things like giving away some free juice (preferably on a rainy or stormy day), or spending the maximum amount on advertising (ideally on a particularly promising day) can give you a one-time reputation boost early on. At first you mostly want to spend very little on advertising on poor days and a moderate amount on good days, but once you have more money than you need for upgrades it's actually a good idea to spend the maximum amount on most days, because it builds up your reputation and brings in more customers later on. A luxurious juice recipe is also another important way to build reputation when you can afford it.

    There's also some luck involved, e.g. certain events occurring early in the game can make things easier.
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